We Win When We Work Together

We Win When We Work Together

The heart of Inflorescence Events is teamwork. By bringing together sharp professionals and empowering them to pool their talents, we create on-site sales campaigns that attract buyers while increasing bottom lines.

“Our commitment to collaboration is what gives us our competitive edge,” stated Chelsea, Director of Operations for Inflorescence Events. “In our office culture, we’re all vested in shared goals. Even as we pursue our personal goals, we’re united by the same mission. The resulting unity positions us for excellence. A success for one of us is considered a win for us all!”

These are some of the ways we open the door to collaboration from day one:

• Hire Team Players: Teamwork is more than a buzzword around our office: it’s a principle upon which our company and culture are founded. We look for a shared commitment to cooperation before bringing anyone on board.

• Experienced Coaches: As soon as someone makes it through our interview process and is invited to join our team, he or she is assigned an experienced coach to guide them on their career journey. This lays the foundation for cooperative effort right away.

• Teach Networking: A cornerstone of our comprehensive training system is networking skills. Not only is a professional network vital for success in our connected society, but the size of our networks is a metric for how well we work with others.

Building and maintaining a team-oriented ethos is one of our top priorities. Find out more about our office environment by following Inflorescence Events on Twitter.