The Value in a People-First Mind-Set

The Value in a People-First Mind-Set

People-first leadership is part of the Inflorescence Events formula for success. Without talented and passionate team members, after all, our firm would not be so well known for outreach excellence. We adhere to several effective guidelines for building and guiding our people to the top.

For instance, positivity is one of Inflorescence Events’ core values. Therefore, we screen for it during our interview process. Candidates who approach challenges as means of learning and focus on solutions instead of problems are the likeliest to achieve big goals.

To find these types of prospects, Barbara Corcoran of “Shark Tank” fame suggests, “You can get an attitude barometer by starting a conversation with someone rather than settling for a set of rehearsed, standard answers.”

When it comes to maintaining our high-performing team, we exchange plenty of feedback and support. In our culture, we want everyone to thrive. This base of optimism and camaraderie allows for the free and welcome exchange of knowledge and insight.

The fact that positive thinking is so powerful is one of the reasons we tend to value an upbeat mind-set more than experience. Besides, our intensive training and coaching programs equip our team members with the expertise needed to excel in our field.

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