Our Training Program Prepares Us for the Future

Our Training Program Prepares Us for the Future

Our Inflorescence Events training program does more than create well-trained team members. The goal of our curriculum is to turn each brand analyst into a leader.

“Our leadership team launched their careers with us,” shared Chelsea, Inflorescence Events’ Director of Operations. “They started in entry-level positions, just like everyone does, and with grit, coaching, and our learning system they became managers. Now they are responsible for the training and development of new team members. This is a good thing for our branding experts: not only do they benefit from our program of study, but they get the practical know-how and constructive feedback from our veterans.”

When raising up leaders from within, there are some tried-and-true guidelines we like to follow. For instance, we teach networking skills from day one, and give our team members plenty of opportunities to practice this vital competency. Knowing how to network involves connecting with strangers, initiating dialogue, and having the courage to ask for what we want – all talents that confident leaders have mastered.

Also, when our novice branding experts ask questions, we don’t always provide a straight answer. We might respond with a question of our own, or provide an anecdote or two. This gives our team members the chance to take ownership of their own solutions, and start thinking of themselves as capable professionals.

Building leaders is how we’ve created organizational success. Learn more about how we develop leadership traits by liking Inflorescence Events on Facebook.