PRESS RELEASE: Inflorescence Events Builds Cooperative, Energetic Culture

PRESS RELEASE: Inflorescence Events Builds Cooperative, Energetic Culture

PORTLAND, OR – Brand ambassadors at Inflorescence Events take part in activities that help them maintain a positive company culture. The firm’s Director discussed these happenings and other ways she cultivates an environment of success.

“Our commitment to teamwork differentiates us from the competition,” declared Chelsea, Director of Operations for Inflorescence Events. “In our culture, we’re all committed to shared goals. Even as we pursue our individual objectives, we’re still united by the same mission. The resulting camaraderie positions us for excellence. A success for one of us is a success for all of us.”

To create such an empowering workplace ethos, Chelsea encourages several different activities for her team members. For instance, every Tuesday Inflorescence Events’ brand ambassadors participate in a gratitude circle, where each person shares that for which they are thankful. This is a way to create and maintain positivity in the office, and to remind everyone of what they have accomplished.

“I think of creating a teamwork-oriented office as one of my top priorities,” Chelsea shared. “I see many strong work relationships and even friendships being built here. As Inflorescence Events grows, I plan to host game nights, bowling nights, and cookouts. I’m even looking forward to attending a few sporting events with my colleagues.”

Inflorescence Events Uses Training to Create Positive Environment

Social team-building is certainly a cornerstone of the Inflorescence Events culture, but it is not the only tool Chelsea has at her disposal. Her hiring strategies play a part in the empowering atmosphere at the firm as well. By seeking out career-oriented professionals who appreciate the practically unlimited potential the company offers, and those who share the same principles and values as the rest of the team, Chelsea opens her organization to increased positivity.

The comprehensive Inflorescence Events training system benefits the company culture as well. “The more educated people are about our industry and how to thrive in it, the more confident they feel in their roles,” Chelsea explained. “We use a variety of educational formats, including one-to-one coaching, hands-on learning, and even some classroom-style seminars. We also travel for cross-training to nearby offices and attend weekend retreats. There is no doubt in any of our promotional specialists’ minds that we are invested in their success, and that shows in the atmosphere at the office. We feel prepared to win, and that puts an electric feeling in the air you can almost see.”

About Inflorescence Events

Inflorescence Events’ promotional specialists know how to silence the commotion of the marketplace. They infuse their on-site marketing solutions with integrity and excitement. As they connect businesses and buyers, they build product awareness and help brands branch out into new regions. The firm’s key values make this success possible. The team is full of strategic and creative thinkers who take chances and exceed their goals. They are fully trained to secure buyer loyalty and deliver impressive results. To learn more about a sales and marketing partnership with Inflorescence Events, go to