Highlighting Two of Our Outstanding Brand Ambassadors

Highlighting Two of Our Outstanding Brand Ambassadors

We appreciate the people we work with, and like to recognize the efforts of those who really exemplify our Inflorescence Events mission and values. Recently, two of our campaign managers have been doing everything it takes to succeed, and we want to put them in the proverbial spotlight.

Josh and Nathan are both very loyal brand ambassadors who frequently go above and beyond the requirements of their Inflorescence Events roles to support and encourage their colleagues. They are also hard workers with great senses of humor – the two of them keep the mood in our office light.

Nathan is getting married this summer, and is looking forward to providing for his new family through his success with our company. One of his long-term business objectives is to expand our influence throughout the Portland territory.

Josh’s goal is to take care of not only his own needs, but those of his mother and sister as well. The combination of his ability with our opportunity is certain to make this dream a reality.

Both Josh and Nathan exemplify the type of promotional specialist most likely to excel here. They have big dreams, positive attitudes, and the drive to back up their words with action. We’re sure that they’ll achieve everything they set their sights on – and more. To learn more about our team, check out our Inflorescence Events Facebook page.