Culture Is the Base for Our Remarkable Organization

Culture Is the Base for Our Remarkable Organization

If Inflorescence Events was an iceberg, our interactive marketing campaigns would be the visible 10 percent that sticks out of the water. Underneath the waves, holding up the impressive structure that everyone can see, are training, development, and – most notably – culture.

Our office environment is designed to help us win. We put a great deal of effort into keeping it supportive and empowering. “Our commitment to teamwork is one of the ways we separate ourselves from the competition,” stated Chelsea, Director of Operations for Inflorescence Events. “We’re all committed to shared goals, even as we pursue personal excellence. The resulting unity positions us for success.”

Our first step when it comes to building a collaborative ethos is starting with the right people. When interviewing, we look beyond experience and background to find those candidates who share certain values, such as a passion for philanthropy and a high degree of integrity. This ensures that the people we hire will both contribute to and thrive in our culture.

We take the time to define our roles clearly as well. When people know what is expected of them, they tend to focus on their most important tasks, and put maximum energy into getting great results. In addition, they have a chance to set goals and develop skills that will help them advance in their careers.

The on-site promotions that consumers see are supported by a culture that inspires success. Learn how we build our workplace environment at our Inflorescence Events Newswire feed.