Our Career Training Teaches Entrepreneurial Thinking

Our Career Training Teaches Entrepreneurial Thinking

The Inflorescence Events training program is designed to help team members pave a path for career development. We call it the Young Entrepreneur Program (YEP), because of the value, drive, and passion that business owners possess. We want to instill that same energy in our brand ambassadors.

From day one with our team, we rotate new team members through the many facets of our operations, so they see the big picture of our organization and each role’s importance. By being immersed in ongoing projects, we train people to recognize innovative solutions and real-world opportunities.

Teamwork is one of our top Inflorescence Events priorities, and the YEP supports that value as well. Part of our training approach is pairing novice team members with experienced coaches who can guide them along their career journeys. This reinforces the idea that we’re committed to one another’s success from the start.

One of the ways we teach our people to think like an entrepreneur is to look for needs to meet. This includes the consumers we interact with, but also the way we do things around the office. By helping to streamline a process or identify a new potential market, we improve the efficiency with which we can succeed in our careers.

We’ve created a place where people can develop their personal and professional potential, and it’s made us leaders in our industry. Find out more about our commitment to training by checking out our Inflorescence Events Newswire feed.